Canine Enrichment

So what  is canine enrichment?

“the act or process of improving the quality or power of something by adding something else”

You know yourself you get bored if you have nothing to do, and that’s when we turn to bad habits to fill our time and temporarily relieve the boredom. Or we choose to read a book, watch a film or go for a walk to get fresh air, exercise and look at beautiful views.

Well its exactly the same for our dogs. When they get bored the look for things to occupy their minds, except they don’t pick up a book, they choose a shoe to chew on instead!

We know how important it is to have things to do to keep our minds stimulated and our bodies active, and how much pleasure we get from doing these simple things. So we must not overlook how important they are for our dogs too.

Over the last few years I have been learning so much about canine enrichment, for my own 4 dogs and for all the dogs we care for at Tails HQ. It is so important and rewarding seeing how much fun the dogs have working out something new and how much easier they settle to relax after an exciting new activity.

Canine enrichment can be as simple or complicated, cheap or expensive as you like. I feel that it's important to have a good balance of ‘the simple things’ and more challenging activities.

In this enrichment ‘bank’ I’ll keep adding to the all the different enrichment games, products and activities that I have found work well with my own dogs and the Tails crew.