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As most of you know I have 4 dogs, Pablo (border terrier), Flame (border terrier), Bailey (staffy), and Daisy (a tiny jack russell).

Over the last 13 years  I have tried, and failed, to get them all on the same food. It has taken me everything I have leaned on this journey to realise that dogs, just like us, are all so different, and have different nutritional needs.

About 5 years ago Flame developed itchy skin, with a couple of dry patches on her leg. This was a signal to me that something was irritating her, so after a process of elimination, I worked out that it was something in her food. I changed her on to a raw food diet and the itchy, flaky skin disappeared! Then this year, she just went off it, she wasn't interested in her food but was hungry. I tried her with a few different toppers which she ate, but left her raw food. That's when I decided to give Butternut Box a go. It is fresh, cooked food, so not raw. Well, to say she loves it is an understatement, she now dances in anticipation when I start preparing dinner, which she has NEVER done!

I love the Butternut Box subscription because I know exactly what is in her meals, it's all fresh and I can pick her meal 'flavours' to give her different tastes, and I can opt out of the flavours she isn't so keen on. (But actually she loves them all!)

If you decide to get a subscription with them you can use my code LAURA 1178 to get 50% off your first box.