Dog health & wellbeing

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Easy dog health check

A simple guide to giving your dog or puppy a general health check.

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How to clean your dog's teeth

Dog oral hygiene is just as important as human!

Follow our handy guide to keeping your dogs teeth clean and their mouth fresh.

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How to clean your dog's ears

Dog's ears can get dirty quickly from rolling around in the grass and sticking their heads into dirty muddy holes....

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Tellington TTouch

Lean about this relaxing technique to help your bond with your dog....

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Dog Body Language

Learn to read the important signals that your dog is showing you...

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How dogs learn

The way dogs learn is very similar to how humans learn, it involves observing, processing, and ...

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How to spot if your dog has 

kennel cough

Learn the causes and symptoms of kennel cough

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How to help your dog with 

separation anxiety

Ways you can help ease your dog's anxiety about being left alone

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