Policies & Procedures

1. Sickness or Illness Policies & Procedures

This policy is in place to ensure that dogs who become unwell while at Tails of Tranquility are treated with love and care. It is also to help us to protect other dogs from illness and the spread of infection. Dogs should not be left at Tails of Tranquility if they are unwell.


We will follow these procedures to ensure the welfare of all dogs within our day care:

1. If a dog becomes ill during the day, the owner will be contacted and asked to collect their dog as soon as possible. During this time the dog will be cared for in a quiet, calm area away from the group.

2. Should a dog have an infectious disease, such as Kennel Cough (the cold), an ear infection, or sickness and diarrhoea they should be kept at home.

Kennel Cough (Cold) – dogs must be clear for at least 7 days before returning to Tails.

Sickness or diarrhoea – dogs must be clear for at least 48 hours.

Eye infection (Conjunctivitis) – dogs may return once course of antibiotics or drops are complete.

Ear Infection – dogs may return once course of antibiotics is complete.

3. It is vital that we follow the advice given to us by our registering authority (East Renfrewshire Council - Environmental Health Dept), and exclude specific contagious conditions, to protect other dogs attending Tails of Tranquility. Illnesses of this nature are very contagious, and it can be dangerous to expose other dogs to the risk of an infection.

4. If a contagious infection is identified at Tails of Tranquility, all owners will be informed to enable them to spot the early signs of this illness. All equipment and resources that may have come into contact with a contagious dog will be cleaned and sterilised thoroughly to reduce the spread of infection. We deep clean the whole facility EVERY day as part of our Health & Safety protocols.

5. It is important that sick dogs are not subjected to the rigours of the daycare day, which requires socialising with other dogs and being part of a group setting. When they have first become ill and require a course of antibiotics, our policy, therefore, is to exclude dogs on antibiotics for the first 48 hours of the course.

6. Tails of Tranquility has the right to refuse admission to a dog who is sick or has been showing symptoms within the last 48 hours. This decision will be taken by the Manager on duty and is non-negotiable.


The Manager on duty reserves the right not to accept any dog who is unwell into Tails of Tranquility.

It is unfair to other dogs if they are knowingly put in contact with an illness or infection.


All dogs must be kept away from Tails of Tranquility for a minimum of 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting. If a dog is sent home from Tails of Tranquility, 

the 48 hours exclusion still applies. Therefore if your dog is due in the following day, they will not be able to attend.


If a dog begins to show signs or symptoms that could pertain to illness, they will firstly be moved to a quiet area and comforted by one of the team. We will then make contact with the owner or emergency contact to come and collect them.

10. Should a dog’s symptoms deteriorate whilst waiting for their owner/ emergency contact, we will call our own vet CRAIGPARK Vet and arrange to take the dog down to them immediately. We will then inform the owner/ emergency contact to meet us at Craigpark Vets. First aid will be administered to the dog as necessary.

Craigpark Vet Surgery – 0141 881 9499 

2. Undesirable Daycare Behaviours

At Tails of Tranquilty we aim to ensure that every dog feels content and safe.

For that reason we cannot continue to care for any dog which shows signs of undesirable behaviour.

If your dog begins to develop any of these behaviours we will discuss these with you immediately.

If the behaviours can not be worked through then we will suggest alternative care options.

Undesirable behaviours include:

- any type of aggression towards the team or other dogs

- excessive barking (usually caused by stress or anxiety)

- excessive humping (usually caused by stress or over arousal)

- over arousal (group play can just be too much for some dogs)

- bullying behaviours

- compulsive behaviours -chewing, pacing, spinning, paw licking (these behaviours are often signs of stress)

- eating poo

- any signs of distress or anxiety

Sometimes dogs can exhibit behaviours within a group setting after time, that they do not show at home. These can be caused by stress or over-arousal from being in a group environment, and in that case we are no long the right fit for your dog.

3. Payment Information

We send out invoices on the last day of the month for all daycare services used that month.

Payment is due by the 7th of the following month, and is paid by bank transfer.


When we enroll your dog at Tails of Tranquility, we dedicate a space to them and guarantee them a slot each week. We require a minimum commitment of 1 day per week attendance at Tails of Tranquility. We currently have a long waiting list and can now only secure places for dogs who attend every week.


To allow us to meet the needs of as many Clients as possible, we plan to introduce a Retainer Fee of 20% of your Normal Day Rate. This fee will apply if you are unable to bring your dog on its usual pre-booked day.

This means, if for any reason your dog does not come to us on its usual pre-booked day e.g. you are on holiday, are at home for the day, or they stay home for an appointment, a charge of 20% of your Normal Day Rate will be added to your end of month invoice.

Example 1 - Fido normally comes to Tails of Tranquility 1 day per week @ £25 per day. He is off for 1 week on holiday, so your invoice will be charged £5 for that missed day.

Example 2 - Fido normally comes to Tails of Tranquility 3 days per week @ £24 per day. He is off on holiday for 1 week, so your invoice will be charged 20% of his usual weekly rate, £4.80 x 3 =£14.40

Example 3 - Fido comes to Tails of Tranquility 1 morning a week @ £12.50. He is off for a hair-cut appointment, so you will be invoiced £2.50 for that day.

This charge keeps your dog's space and makes sure it will be available on the day(s) you need.

* Please Note this charge will not apply if you or anyone in your household has tested positive for Covid-19.

We cannot accept dogs for daycare while anyone within your house is self isolating or has tested positive.

* This charge does not apply to the time we are closed over Christmas, New Year and bank holidays.

See our holiday dates - https://www.tailsoftranquility.co.uk/holidays-202122


Bookings must be made, no later than 3pm on the Sunday before the new week, via our weekly booking page - https://www.tailsoftranquility.co.uk/weekly-bookings

Cancellations and changes to booking can now be made here too.

If you need to make a last minute cancellation you can send a message on 07765115283.

If you need to add a last minute extra day you can send a message to 07765115283

This helps us to know what spaces we have available each day and to ensure a safe human to dog ratio.

If you no longer require our daycare service and wish to release your dog's space, please inform us as soon as possible and let us know the date of your dog's final day with us.

4. Covid -19

Tails of Tranquility take the safety of both Team and Clients extremely seriously.

We follow all government advice and guidelines as to how to keep our Team and Clients safe. We have carried out detailed risk assessments with East Renfrewshire Council to identify any risks associated with Covid-19 and we have put in place policies to minimise these risks.

Our Team are appropriately trained and we use virucidal cleaning products in our workplace.

Any Team member that shows any symptom of Covid-19 is required to stop working immediately and to self isolate until a negative test result is received. Any Team member diagnosed with Covid-19 must self isolate for 10 days.

1. If you or any member of your household tests positive for Covid-19 DO NOT bring your dog to daycare. At the moment the research on the transmission of the virus via dogs coats is not concrete, so to be safe we cannot accept a dog from a household where anyone has tested positive. (This is subject to change in line with guidance from the UK Government.)

We at Tails of Tranquility are proud and confident in the steps that we have taken to reduce all risks associated with the transmission of Covid-19.

2. By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you agree not to hold the Company or any member of our Team liable or responsible for any transmission, or any subsequent health or other implications as a result of us providing our daycare service.

3. If Scotland goes into another lockdown, we will keep in contact with you and provide you with all the information we receive regarding our status. 

5. Privacy Policy & GDPR Compliance

Tails of Tranquility limits the amount of personal data we collect to the absolute minimum that is required for our service to operate. We will never collect data that we don’t need and we will never sell or pass on any personal data to 3rd parties.

When making an inquiry with us through our contact form, over the phone, via email or social media, you will provide us with access to personal details such as identity and contact details which will only be stored within the emails that you have sent us in our inbox or our social media platforms.

When you become a Client of Tails of Tranquility, we will require further personal information from you to be able to carry out our services. This includes your full identity and contact details and details about your dog. This personal data is used to set up and run the services we provide to you. It is stored and used within a number of systems. 

These are:

1. Our online booking and account system is owned and operated by Revelation Pets. The data stored here is restricted to identity, contact details and details about your dog(s). We have no access to passwords or any other personal data. This system controls all of the scheduling for our services and provides the data for invoicing. The environment that hosts the Revelation Pets services maintains multiple certifications for its data centers, including ISO 27001 compliance, FedRAMP authorization, PCI Certification, and SOC reports. For more information about their certification and compliance, please visit the AWS Security website, AWS Compliance website.

2. Quickbooks which is an accounting platform. We use this service to record payments and invoices. We enter and store identity details and contact details on Quickbooks, as well as information regarding the issuing, deliverability, read acknowledgement and payment or non payment of invoices. Quickbooks have their own GDPR policy for all data that is stored within their online software.

3. Flodesk, which is an email newsletter service. When you become a client of Tails of Tranquility, we add your email address to a list which receives our important news updates which are often vital for clients to read. You are only sent these emails while you are current client, and if you pause or stop your account, you are immediately and automatically removed from this list.

This list of email addresses is not used for marketing purposes and never used by 3rd party companies. We will only ever email you in this way to let you know about important changes or events that will affect you as a Client of Tails of Tranquility. Within this service, Tails of Tranquility has access to information regarding how and where emails have been delivered, opened and links have been clicked on. Flodesk have their own GDPR policy for all data that is stored on their software.

To summarise, Tails of Tranquility will only ever have access to identity data, contact data, and data about your dog. We never have access to passwords or financial information. The personal data we do have, we limit access to Managers that need to have access to it to perform their business activities. We take security of personal data very seriously and all of our team members are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

You have certain rights in regards to the personal data that we hold about you. This includes the right to request a copy of any or all of this data, to correct it if any of the data that we have is not accurate or outdated, to restrict or prevent us processing your data and for us to permanently delete your data. To carry out any of these rights, please email us and we will act quickly and within legal timeframe in all instances.

We will not be able to delete this required data until this time period has passed- however we will be able to delete any data that is not required to comply with these regulations. Equally, we will not be able to delete personal data that will allow us to be paid or claim for an outstanding invoice or unpaid services until those services have been paid for.

If you have unresolved concerns, you have the right to complain to an EU data protection authority where you live or work, or where you believe a breach may have occurred.

Due to the fact that Tails of Tranquility only collects necessary data, if you no longer want us to have access to this data or process it, we will not be able to continue to carry out day care services for you. This includes opting out of email communications from us, as there is often important or vital information within these emails that you are required to know and/ or acknowledge.