Welcome to Tails!

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Our Beliefs

• At Tails of Tranquility, dogs are our family.

• We care deeply for their happiness, contentment and safety.

• Our business was born of our love for dogs and a desire to become their extended family, while you are at work. 

   And to ensure we offer a safe and fun place for dogs to play and relax.

• We will always provide a loving, enriching environment for the dogs, peace of mind and bonds of trust with our clients.

Our Purpose

We have worked extremely hard over the last 10 years to build a place and team who offer nurturing and caring, nursery style day care for dogs of all ages. 

We believe that every client should feel totally relaxed knowing their dog is in a loving, calm and tranquil environment.

Our Mission

As we have grown in knowledge and experience, we have realised that each dog needs different things from their days at Tails of Tranquility. But overall, a calm and quiet environment is of utmost importance to us and them. Our mission is to provide activities and enrichment for every dog.

- All male dogs must be neutered to attend Tails of Tranquility after 6 months of age. This is part of our licence and insurance requirements and is unfortunately non-negotiable.

- Females in season cannot attend Tails of Tranquility for around 4 weeks. We will normally be able to tell when a female is going to come into season, and we will let you know     straight away.

Joining Tails

Meet & Greet

We will arrange a visit for you and your dog to come to Tails and have a sniff about. 

We will show you around, tell you about our daily activities and answer all of your questions.

This is a chance for you to get to know us and decide if you feel we might be a good fit for your dog.

Arrange a play date

Every dog that joins our group will have a suitability evaluation ‘playdate’ to make sure they are happy and suitable for our day care environment. 

This will involve a short visit to Tails, where one of our team will observe their behaviour and make sure they feel comfortable around us and the other dogs. 

They will also be looking for signs of any undesirable behaviours which we feel may have an impact on the rest of the dogs in our care.

Some dogs love daycare, but for others it can be overwhelming, over arousing or even stressful. 

If your dog doesn’t enjoy or doesn't seem suitable for our environment, we will talk this through with you straight away.

This is no way a reflection on you or your dog’s temperament. Just like humans where some of us prefer a quiet get together with a small group of friends and others like to go to gigs or clubbing - our dogs are just the same! 

Opening times

Monday to Friday - excluding our holiday dates

7am till 6pm

Drop off times

Drop offs - 7am to 9.30am at the latest.

After 9.30 we lock the front gate and begin moving the dogs around to other playgroups, so everyone gets a chance to take part in different activities.


7am till 11.30am



7am till 1.30pm​



7am till any time after 2pm

£25 per day

Commitment of 1 day per week minimum

When we enroll your dog with Tails of Tranquility, we dedicate a space to them every week, and guarantee them this slot.

For this reason, we require a minimum commitment of 1 day a week.

If for any reason your dog is off and not coming to us on a usual pre-booked day e.g. you are on holiday, are at home for the day and decided to walk your dog yourself, or they stay home for an appointment, a charge of 20% of your normal day rate will be added to your invoice. This charge reserves your dog's space and makes sure it will be always be available on all days that they normally come to us, and ensures we never have more dogs in a group than is safe.

  • This charge will not apply if you or anyone in your household has tested positive for Covid-19, as we cannot accept dogs for daycare while anyone within your house is self isolating or has tested positive.
  • This charge does not apply to the time we are closed over Christmas, New Year and bank holidays. See our holiday dates here

All changes to weekly bookings and cancellations are  made online through our Weekly Booking page

Payment information

We send out invoices on the 30th of the month for all daycare services used that month. 

Payments are due no later than the 7th of the following month, and payments are made bank transfer.

Social media

With our clients consent we post daily pup-dates on our social media pages each day.


Tails of Tranquility take the safety of both our team and clients extremely seriously.

We follow all government advice and guidelines as to how to keep our team and clients safe. 

We have carried out detailed risk assessments with East Renfrewshire Council to identify any risks associated with Covid-19 and we have put in place policies to minimise these risks.

If you or any member of your household tests positive for Covid-19 do not bring your dog to daycare. 

At the moment the research on the transmission of the virus via dogs coats is not concrete, so to be safe we cannot accept a dog from a household where anyone has tested positive. (This is subject to change in line with guidance from the UK Government.)

Leaving Tails

If you no longer require our daycare service and wish to release your dog's space, please inform us in writing via email and let us know the date of your dog's final day with us, and give us a minimum of 2 weeks notice.